Bicycle tower

The first automatic bicycle parking house in Slovakia has been built between the railway and bus station on Staničná Street in Trnava. The twelve-angled structure with a capacity of 118 bicycles (16 for children and 102 for adults) started construction in August 2020, with work completed in October. The bike house opened to the public on 7 January 2020.

The fee for storing a bicycle in the bike valet will be a nominal 10 cents for 24 hours. The bike storage system will be very simple and intuitive. The whole process will take about ten seconds and all instructions will be displayed on the monitor. Once the bike is loaded, the system will take it, store it and print out a storage ticket. Upon their return, the customer inserts this into the reader, pays the required amount and collects their bicycle.

Anyone who is registred in bikesharingovom systéme Arboria bike, will have the first 24 hours of storage free of charge during the season. Please note, however, that the automated parking house is for private bike storage only, not shared city e-bikes. These must be parked in a publicly accessible area. So if an Arboria bike smart card holder arrives at the station on their own bike and wants to park it in the bike valet, they get the first day of parking for free once their card is loaded, and they get 10 cents off multi-day storage.

You can also store your helmet or other accessories along with your bike, but it is important to make sure that nothing falls out. Of course, there can also be a child seat or basket on the bike.

The process is simple: you push the front wheel of the bike into the mechanism, which clamps it firmly in place. When you move away from the yellow zone and press the start button, you can leave everything else to the bike man. It will store your bike in literally seconds.
Don’t forget to take your storage ticket with you, so you can pick up your bike afterwards. When you return, you retrieve the ticket, pay the required amount and wait for the tower to deliver it to you.
With a Trnava bikesharing card, you even get the first 24 hours of storage for free, just put the card in front of the reader after inserting the storage ticket.

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