Comprehensive restoration of the town fortifications

The town of Trnava is preparing a comprehensive restoration of a unique national cultural monument – the Trnava town fortification. Already in 2021, the municipality had the first stage of pre-project preparation drawn up concerning the architecture, which builds on the conceptual materials already processed and at the same time refines the idea of completing the remaining parts of the fortification so that they continue in the unified line of restoration that has already been started.

So far, two phases of pre-project documentation are planned. The subject of the solution in the next stages should be, among other things, a unified information system, paved areas presenting the walled alley, the restoration of ditches in the form of parks, in selected positions also with a hint of water. The design of the regulations should also be coordinated with the design of the illumination, the traffic solution or the functional use of the adjacent spaces. The design of materials to be used uniformly in the restoration of the entire fortification is also envisaged.

The city’s goal is a comprehensively developed procedure that will contribute not only to the successful presentation of our early-medieval monument, but also to the unique principle of restoration, highlighting the uniqueness of this unique urban system.

Hodnota investície
Not yet quantified
Stav projektu
In preparation
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Stred (centrum mesta, Špíglsál)

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Pre-project preparation


Project documentation

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