Reconstruction of Halenárska Street

The complex reconstruction of Halenárská Street transformed the formerly neglected locality full of potholes into a pleasant, tidy place. New greenery, stylish furnishings, public lighting and a cycle path have been added to the replaced road surface and pavement.

As part of the reconstruction, a comprehensive reconstruction of the street was carried out with the creation of a central originally two-lane two-way road with a green belt and street trees and two-sided sidewalks and bicycle paths. The road is designed with a natural basalt pavement cover and the pavements are made of granite. Drainage of the street is solved by replacement and addition of street drains including their connections to the existing sewerage system. Storm water drains are reconstructed on the street, including the addition of roof catch basins. New public lighting was installed on both sides of the street, preparation for a camera system was made with the installation of a camera on the street, landscaping was made with planting of trees and green islands along with an irrigation system connected to a new drilled well.

Length of the designed area 342,44 m

Hodnota investície
976 430 €
Stav projektu
Realized 2017
Doprava Doprava
Mestská časť
Stred (centrum mesta, Špíglsál)