Elementary school on Spartakovská Street will have a great area with renovated sports fields and space for relaxation for the public

The city of Trnava continues to reconstruct sports grounds, another modern space for physical activities will be created in the area of the primary school on Spartakovská Street. The pleasing news is that the school grounds for sports and recreation will be available for the public to use for various leisure activities outside of school hours.

The new look of the area was already planned by the city in 2017 together with the citizens, originally as part of the revitalisation of the whole area of the inner block and Agatka. The public had the opportunity to contribute their ideas and comments at public meetings and in questionnaires. The municipality took the public’s suggestions as a basis for the landscape-architectural design competition; due to its size, the project was later divided into the school grounds and the the inner block, which will also soon be renovated.

As part of the investment, all playground surfaces in the school grounds will be renewed and upgraded. The running oval, which is one of the largest in Trnava, includes a new tartan and lighting. The new playing surface on the volleyball and basketball courts will also be gentler on the feet and joints of children and recreational athletes. Players of small football, handball or tennis will be able to play on the multifunctional playground. Kindergarteners can look forward to a new playground.

Relaxation is also important after a hard sporting performance – you will be able to sit on the new benches between the pavilions. The planting of additional trees will also contribute to the pleasantness of this place, and the management of rainwater and its drainage into the area will be a matter of course. The reconstruction of the sidewalks will also contribute to the beautification of the environment, other amenities will be enhanced by new parking spaces.
The price of the investment action is tentatively EUR 1.4 million, which is likely to be further reduced by the upcoming public procurement for the contractor.

The implementation should start in case of suitable climatic conditions in 2022. The municipality also wants to use external sources of funding for this project.

See visualizations of the project: